Canada's Sensational Boogie Band

They ruled the Rock & Roll music scene of the 70's, blowing the roof off thousands of live music venues across the country & beyond. With decades of musical mastery under their belts, some of the boys from Crowbar are back in town - & they're ready to rock.

About The Band

Crowbar has a rich history coming in on the ground floor of the Canadian music scene. As Canada's true pioneers of rock and roll, Crowbar led the way to the heights of musical expression during the Trudeau 70s.


From 1969 to 1970, some members of the group had been a backup band for the legendary Ronnie Hawkins under the crafty name, "And Many Others."  It was Hawkins who gave the band their name as he fired them, citing, “They’re a nice bunch of boys but they can f*#! up a crowbar in about fifteen seconds.”

The band, known from then on as Crowbar, hit the studio with their friend, Richard Newell, recording their first album, Official Music, in 1970 as “King Biscuit Boy & Crowbar.”  

Over the years, there were a couple personnel changes with keyboardist Richard Bell leaving to join Janis Joplin's Full Tilt Boogie Band, Bell was replaced by Jozef Chirowski. Drummer Larry Atamanuik left to join Seatrain, a California-based band and was replaced by Sonnie Bernardi.  They continued on to record a second album with Richard Newell called “Gooduns.”

With the basic membership of the band achieved and after Richard left the band they then recorded the album, 'Bad Manors,' named after the band's homebase farmhouse in Ancaster, Ontario. This album included their hit, 'Oh What A Feeling,’ which would become as Jeff Healey put it, “Canada’s second national anthem.”

In 1971, the band recorded a sold-out performance at the historic Massey Hall in Toronto, which was released as a double album, Larger than Life (and Live'r Than You've Ever Been). The recording and release of the album made Canadian history as the first time a band had recorded and released a "live in concert" album as well as a radio simulcast across Canada. For a complete discography, click here.

While the band would eventually take a hiatus from the stage, the Crowbar family has stayed in close touch with each other, and have come together over the years for special occasions. The band is excited to be rekindling some of that old rock and roll spirit and just like vintage wines they have only gotten better with age.

Thanks for visiting...and keep rocking.

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