Canada's Sensational Boogie Band

They ruled the Rock & Roll music scene of the 70's, blowing the roof off thousands of live music venues across the country & beyond. With decades of musical mastery under their belts, some of the boys from Crowbar are back in town - & they're ready to rock.




It all started for me when I was around 12 or 13.  

My Dad was a musician and one Saturday night after his gig, he left his guitar on the couch. I pulled it out of the case and started doing my best Elvis impersonation. Suddenly dad came storming out of the bedroom saying rather loudly, he had a hangover, if your going to play that thing you need some chords. He sat me down and taught me G-C and F. I quickly learned "She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain" and played it until my fingers bled.

Within a few months I was in a band called the "Centurys" and it hasn't stopped. The Bands I've worked in from the beginning, if my memory serves me well,  from late 1950's until present:

-The Centurys
-Joe Pino and the Starlights
-Jimmy and the Jades
-The 5 Ascots
-The Ascot Revue
-Ronnie Hawkins
-King Biscuit Boy
-Youngblood Hawk
-Bobby McGee and the New Frontier
-Taylor Made
-Lynda Layne and Homegrown
-Bruce Hare Trio
-Steve Lee Band
-Cam and Roly Duo
-Bisquit Puppy
-Roly and The Rockers
-Part Time Rockers
and Crowbar, still...

I have been recording since 1963 when the 5 Ascots made a 4 song demo at Columbia Studios in L.A. California, produced by then great, Gene Page. Since then I have played on many albums, singles, commercial's and sound tracks.